About NOK for Human Capital Solutions

A newly established Egyptian S.A.E company, came to life in February 2018. We are targeting a real change in the Human Resource operations game. We are not fans of hit and run business models. We plan to fly on a different altitude than others. Targeting a long-term partnership with both employees and employers. Our name and logo speak a lot about us and represents our DNA. We are a caliber-focused organization. We believe in humans and their power in controlling success and future of their organizations. We trust that human capital is the prime capital of any organization, investing in the right way in this capital, will ensure the over achievement of targeted and desired organization’s development. No matter if your organization is a customer centric, cost centric, profit centric…. It only matters either you are a people centric organization or not. We are part of the leading “NOX Holding” group, counting on our sister companies’ strong portfolios & networks in IT “HW & SW”, logistics & facilities management - give us an edge with our tailored solutions that make it easier, faster, effective and cost efficient to our partners.

Why NOK for Human Capital Solutions ?

Our edge & added values

Saving time, saving efforts to save your cost.
Long term benefit. We hire a caliber that matches your vision, not just a position.
We don’t see you just $$$, we build a lifetime partnership with you.
We love RCAs…
We dig deeper than an oil rig.
so we ensure effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions.

Our Vision

Human Factor is the game changer in the business pursuit.

Our Mission

To Employees, we are your soul sponsor.
Our mission, is to define your real capabilities & potential, put you on proper track, in right position that fits your today & tomorrow.
To Employers, we are your Brain & Muscles.
Our mission, is to save your cost.

Our Tailored

Our sister companies help us with needed solutions any business need.
You partner with only one shop that gets you all services with competitive cost-efficient fees, delivered at your door.


With more than 15 years of experience in information and communication technology (ICT) sector of the Egyptian market, we realized that there is a bit huge gap between the needs of the Egyptian corporates and what the market provides.
Moreover, the information and communication technology (ICT) sector showed a huge growth during the last two decades and became one of the most important economy drivers for Egypt.
Therefore, Noks’ companies were established starting 2013 with the aim to fulfil these gaps and provide clients with the extra mile they always have been looking for.
Our companies’ solutions and services are tailored to target cost and quality.
We believe in possibilities, we count on our experience in market to provide outstanding clients’ satisfaction at most reasonable satisfying service cost, so we get you the desired satisfactory outcome at a competitive cost-efficient base.

A Word from our MD

Hello… and welcome to NOK for Human Capital Solutions, the right partner to you. Here in NOK, we are all roaming around you. We are a client centric organization that prioritizes the fulfillment of exact client’s needs. In a journey crossed the number 15 of years in Egyptian & Regional business exposure, it had been confirmed to me that ONLY organizations that value and consider their people are the successful ones. All organizations and companies aim for success and profitability with highest customer base and customer capital. Yet, no entity succeeds unless its people are driving that success. Those people got many needs, a perfect working place, a suitable encouraging environment, a satisfactory pay, a successful career path, an effective mentorship, … etc. too many things if we would like to name and detail. Too many diverse needs that differ according to each individual’s beliefs, goals, dreams and styles. Out of that exposure and experience I got, I realized that building our people base and strengthening it well with the needed qualifications, processes, benefits and controls will help us grow and prosper. As much as our people grow, as much as the value of our people increase, the more our organization’s equity doubles and nourishes.

Our Founders Team

Tariq Owais

Chief Executive Officer

Usama NabiL

Managing Director

Our Partners