A Word from our MD

Hello… and welcome to NOK for Human Capital Solutions, the right partner to you. Here in NOK, we are all roaming around you. We are a client centric organization that prioritizes the fulfillment of exact client’s needs. In a journey crossed the number 15 of years in Egyptian & Regional business exposure, it had been confirmed to me that ONLY organizations that value and consider their people are the successful ones. All organizations and companies aim for success and profitability with highest customer base and customer capital. Yet, no entity succeeds unless its people are driving that success. Those people got many needs, a perfect working place, a suitable encouraging environment, a satisfactory pay, a successful career path, an effective mentorship, … etc. too many things if we would like to name and detail. Too many diverse needs that differ according to each individual’s beliefs, goals, dreams and styles. Out of that exposure and experience I got, I realized that building our people base and strengthening it well with the needed qualifications, processes, benefits and controls will help us grow and prosper. As much as our people grow, as much as the value of our people increase, the more our organization’s equity doubles and nourishes.

Our Founders Team

Tariq Owais

Chief Executive Officer

BSC. Business Management, Computer Science Section - SADAT ACADEMY for MANAGEMENT SCIENCES
Certificates & Masters:
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Global Marketing - ESLSCA Business School
In Business & market since:
Fields served within:
Customer Service, Technical Support, Business Account Management, Online Retailing, Distribution, and Marketing.
Part of the pioneer launching team of CompuMe business in Egypt.
Leading & Setting an outstanding B2B profitability benchmark in a market leader “CompuMe”.
Establishing successfully:
B2B business domain within RadioShack & Computer Shop brand. As well as, setting both brands at top of the market’s rank in less than 1 year of launch.
CompuMe e-commerce. Restructuring other non-retail activities.
NokSmart VAS entity and bringing it to a competitive rank in the market.
NOX Holding Group.
Vision & Concepts in business:
always be there for your client, great teamwork comes from trust.

Usama NabiL

Managing Director

BSC. Of Information Systems & Computer Sciences Management
Certificates & Masters:
E-Commerce Associate.
COPC Implementation Leader.
Executive Management.
Community Management.
International Trainer certificate.
In Business & market since:
Fields served within:
Telecommunication, Banking & Financial services, Customer Operations, Business Process Outsourcing
Lunched each of “TE Data, HSBC Data Services & Teleperformance Egypt & Dubai” and helped effectively in growing each entity stably “people, clients & revenue” till became market leader – each at its industry.
Top achieving subsidiary “People & Client satisfaction” and top process compliant subsidiary.
Vision & Concepts in business:
impossible doesn’t exist! You only need right PEOPLE/MINDs with the right PASSION, invest well in these minds, teach, empower, lead them fairly then you will do magic.

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