Vacant new or replacement positions arise around the clock, many calibers are there… you just need to place an adv for people to apply, but how can you ensure that you are doing your recruitment right!
You pay to place an adv, you pay the cost of recruiters and their managers, you pay overheads… too much cost. And still, your new hires still undergo a probation with a risk of not making it through.
At NOK for Human Capital we don’t just do an ordinary recruitment. We don’t work for you, we get you to work with us so we both hire your right calibers right.
We study your company’s exact and detailed needs, the deepest today’s and tomorrow’s needed competences in your caliber.
We simulate and calibrate with you, we filter and shortlist accordingly and get you to view qualified calibers only so your recruitment process gets smooth, time & cost effective for you.
We promise you an effortless hiring process with highest interviews acceptance rate – we target +80%

Our Edge:

A strong DB of +1,500,000 candidates covering various specializations, experience and industries.
A team of expert talent Acquisition partners that collects all required information carefully to help hiring the exact needed caliber.
A calibration session with client to ensure hiring the right profile.
Face to face interviews taking place by NOK’s team, so we reduce traffic and wasted time at client’s side.
All the above, grants a high acceptance rate, so we provide qualified calibers in an effortless process from client’s side.

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