HR Operations Outsourcing

Get rid of employee’s payroll hassle and cost, we are ready to add all your employees on our payroll and manage all their related work like:
A. Social insurance cost & documentation
B. Bank accounts and facilities
C. Medical insurance
D. HR letters
E. Transportation, flights and any other employees related cost and procedure.
OR, keep your employees on your payroll and social insurance file, and let our team to manage all their payroll and HR operations as below:
A. A dedicated Personnel specialist will visit your premises once per week to handle and process all employees related issues like “attendance, permissions, vacations, deductions and all related processes”
B. Payroll calculations done by our team, and one final figure per employee to be sent to your finance team to process monthly payments
C. Act as your SPOC on your behalf with banks, medical insurance companies and labor authorities as applicable.

Our Edge:

Experienced HR team, aware of all updated labor regulations and cost.
Having a SW house as a sister company, helps us provide you a trusted ERP system with very efficient price.
Having a Financial services sister company, gives you more cost saving as you are not getting involved in any HR/payroll related operations. So, you ensure quality, speed & cost efficiency.
Outsourcing the HR service to NOK, will guarantee you a hassle free working environment, you focus and concentrate your efforts on your core operations. Avoiding spending more time in managing employees related HR matters while experts can easily do that for you while you just get a weekly and monthly reporting.
Your employees will get the powerful benefits of being on NOK’s list that contains other employees from other companies, that gives us the edge with banks & medical insurance companies to guarantee special benefits and added value to all listed labor on our files.
Example” Discounted medical insurance packages, special transportation prices, special banking rates “cards & loans discounted rates” and other benefits that only companies with big headcount can have, while companies with small headcount cannot get for reasonable cost”
Steady almost flat cost per month avoiding any business swings that might impact company’s P&L

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