HR Operations Consultancy

Our team is committed to perform analysis and study of your current inhouse:
A. HR policies and processes
B. Employees competences and readiness vs assigned tasks and your planned growth and expansion
C. In house performance management processes “score cards & appraisal systems”
D. Staff satisfaction & loyalty
Based on analysis findings, our team is committed to suggest amendments/edit or establishment of new processes as below:
A. Internal HR & company’s attendance, rewards and deductions policies to ensure staff adherence, satisfaction and fairness according to your company’s vision and plan.
B. Performance management process “monthly score cards & periodic performance appraisal systems”
C. Needed trainings per each level/employee to achieve desired level of competences that serve your company’s vision and growth plan
D. Suggested systems to be implemented to ease and smoothen your employees HR management processes
E. Clear structured Job Description for each level with minimum profile criteria required to achieve position’s KPIs
F. KPIs & reports should be fulfilled by each position in company.
G. Team building activities and outings required to help building a qualified committed and loyal team.

Our Edge:

our HR certified staff with experience in managing people and related HR matters for above 15 years in various mass size companies & multinational corporate environments, helps us get you to start from where others are currently standing. Our expertise will help you saving your employees “Human Capital” value, having their productivity at highest while reducing your cost by saving churn and replacement cost from your P&L.

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